Mid- Autumn Festival Hamper 

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A year is easy and Mid-Autumn Festival is time to send blessings and gifts to your relatives, friends and most important business partners


The Mid-Autumn Festival specific products on this page are only available during the Mid-Autumn Festival (September 23 to September 30). There is no same-day delivery and time selection for the Mid-Autumn Gift Baskets. All delivery times are between 9 am and 5 pm
Mid-Autumn Festival (September 23  to September 30), Mid-Autumn gift baskets do not have daily delivery and time choice.
All delivery time from 9:00am to 5:00pm

After receiving the order, we will purchase the freshest fruits in the market the day before delivery, and choose carefully to ensure the freshness.

​ Unlike a fruit shop, we will not buy fruits in large quantities, so we will never mix old fruits in fruit baskets. What we buy will be fresh from the market, and the price will be more expensive than ordinary fruit shops, but it will definitely be the freshest.

We buy fruit from market for every order. That's different from fruit shop. So we don't have fruit which already stay in the market for serval days and so need to mix in fruit basket. The Fruit we buy must not be cheap, but must be the freshest.