The large woven basket contains 7 types of fresh fruits(about 14-18 pcs)(about 4KG/10LB)crystal pearkiwi fruitWashington ApplesSunkist OrangegrapepearWicker Weaven basket (basket color and shape can be different)
大籐籃内有7種實惠水果(標準果量大約14-18pcs)(水果重量約為4KG/10LB)水晶梨/豐水梨奇異果富士蘋果橙/西柚天津梨/啤梨提子禮品籐籃 (籐籃顔色和形狀可能有不同)

Basic Fruit Hamper FH002

  • 1. 鮮花製品會在送出前發送相片與客人,如有任何不滿請於送貨前表達,貨品送出後所提出的任何不滿將不獲接受為退貨原因.

    Photo of fresh flower products would be send to client before delivery. Any dissatisfaction cannot be reason for refund and cancellation after confirmation.

    2. 鮮花製品發貨後不能申請退款,其他產品之申請退款其限為收貨後七個工作天,並只在無人為損壞情況下方接受申請, 退款申請將可能收取運送成本,行政費用及材料訂購之費用,未必能夠全數退回.

    Refund would not be accepted after delivery of fresh flower products. For other products, we accept refund application within 7days. However, Administration fee, delivery cost and raw material cost is non-refundable.

  • 是我們服務的座右銘。從客戶查詢開始,到訂單,到送貨,到送貨後,我們都會同一位同事跟進。可就客戶方便,以指不同的方式與客戶跟進聯絡(電話Whatsapp/ Messager/ Wechat/ Line/ Instrgram/ Facebook 多種不同渠道)。

    ​時間                            訂單動態
    落單後半小時内    訂單確認,網上賬戶與付款須知
    付款後半小時内    付款確認 (銀行轉賬或信用卡)
    送貨後當天内       禮品送到通知
    送貨後當天内       網上賬戶,即時圖片更新






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